Elaine Kwok

  • Photographer
  • Australia

Elaine is a photographer that has spent one too many years of her still very short life getting to know Adobe Photoshop. The certain skill set has sent her into a world of creative jibber jabber that has opened up endless possibilities. Experiencing both moving and still images in her latter teen years, she grew fond of the magic and complexity that a captured frozen moment could conjure and decided she would be quite happy to create them for the rest of her life. Elaine loves capturing people and their passions and above all enjoys having the privilege of getting to know her subjects better through her work. Using film and doing it the old-school way in the darkroom is her favourite method of exploring photography but for now, society will require her to remain mostly in the wonderful abyss of digital.

Elaine is a graduate of Raffles College of Design & Commerce with a Bachelor of Visual Communications.

She now has a personal project “Tea With Nostalgia” that is a growing photographic flow. Visit to see her more recent work and contact her there;



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